What Experienced Gas Leak Plumbers Say You Must Do When You Smell Gas In Your Home

The smell of gas is never a sign of good things to come. Natural gas, which we use in Sydney to cook, and heat our homes, is extraordinarily inflammable. A leak, a lighted match, cigarette or electrical appliance in motion is all it takes to take home and turn it into a blazing inferno. Regular inspections and maintenance by qualified gas leak plumbers can help identify and address potential hazards before they escalate. Gas leak plumbers also provide preventative maintenance services to minimize the risk of future leaks.

Gas Leak Plumbers

No-one Wants To See Their Home, Or Their Dreams, Go Up In Smoke

Yet, it happens. Gas leaks and gas explosions happen – even in an advanced city like Sydney. When a person’s home is destroyed, what is also destroyed – are their dreams which invariably accompany it.

What Should You Do If You Suspect A Gas Leak In Your Home?

Emergency Plumbers Blacktown has some ideas. A mid-sized Plumbing Company, Emergency Plumbers Sydney has 6 qualified gas leak plumbers working in the business plus one apprentice. This makes it possible for us to get to your home faster in the event of you experiencing a major emergency such as a gas leak or even a problem as simple as a blocked drain, leaky tap, leaky toilet or water heater replacement.

Emergency Gas Leak Plumbers Sydney’s List Of 10 Things To Do In The Event Of A Gas Leak In Your Home:

1. Turn off all electrical appliances immediately – both gas and electricity. When gas leaks from a cylinder or pipe, a short circuit from an electrical gadget is all it takes to ignite the gas and cause a raging fire which emergency services will need to be called in to put off. When we say turn off all electrical gadgets, we mean all gadgets – toasters, ovens, fans, lights- turn everything off. Be safe – not sorry.

2. Turn off your gas supply at the mains – the one thing you must try and be when a gas leak occurs in your home or business (if you own one) is a hero. Don’t try and find the fault yourself. It could cost you, and the ones around you, their lives. Instead, switch off your gas supply at the mains. If you don’t know where these are, get out of your home and call on a neighbour for help.

If you use a gas cylinder – the type of cylinder petrol stations like Shell, Mobil or Caltex sell, then turn off the gas tap at the top of the cylinder as a priority.

3. Open all doors and windows for ventilation – while this is simple, it is still not something many people do when faced with a Gas Leak or gas emergency. What you must do, in the event of a gas leak in your home, is let the gas escape into the atmosphere. Opening your doors and windows is a fast way to allow this to happen.

4. Contact a licensed plumber with experience in detecting gas leaks and resolving them to manage the problem

5. Do not smoke, light matches or use a cigarette light in or around your property – when we are stressed, we can often reach for a cigarette and light it. This is uber dangerous when you’re dealing with a high-flammable material like natural gas. It. A lighted cigarette, lighted match or flame of a lighter is a very bad idea to try and see in the dark. Call an emergency plumber with experience in detecting and fixing gas leaks instead. It’s a far safer, if not better, idea that bumbling around in the dark is.

6. Under no circumstances- try and play the handyman trying to find and sort the leak out yourself. Gas leaks pose a clear and present danger to the safety of your home and everything you own in it. In a gas leak, get an expert to find the leak and safely defuse it. It’s essential to have the contact information of a reliable gas leak plumber on hand for emergencies.

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3 Essential Tasks When You Suspect A Gas Leak In Your Home

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