Emergency Plumbers, We Fix And Repair Blocked Drains And Leaky Taps

When your drain or your toilet is blocked, you can usually tell – pretty quickly.

To unblock a drain, you need an expert plumber. Someone like Emergency Plumbers Sydney. Experienced, we know a blockage when we see one.


A Drain Can Be Blocked Because Of Four Key Reasons:

  • There is debris in a sink or toilet that needs to be blasted out
  • There is a slump in a pipe – possibly in a garden – which needs to be fixed or replaced
  • The roots of a tree have grown into a pipe causing it to cave in
  • Debris or matter is present in the main pipe that leads to the municipal drainage system that needs to be looked at – then cleared

We Could ‘Eel The World’, But We Choose Not To – Here’s Why

An electric eel is the traditional method plumbers have used to clear drains in Australia. The trouble with ‘the eel’ is that it is time-consuming. It could take up to 8 hours before your drains are cleaned and your sinks and toilets are functional again.
Not only is using ‘the electric eel’ time to consume, but it is also expensive.

A Better Way To Clean Drains Is To Use High Power Water Jets

High-pressure water jets are the new way to locate Blocked Drains and clear then.

They come with a specialized video camera attached. Our plumbers (we are a team of 6) will send the camera using specialized equipment down your pipes. It will send videos to us live pinpointing where the blockages are.

We will then blast water through the pipes at very high pressures – forcing the debris out of them and into the city’s sewage system.

The Whole Process Takes No More Than 45-60 Minutes

Think of the amount you’ll save: Assuming the plumber’s rate is $75 an hour, using the electric eel method, you would pay $75 X 8 = $600.

Using High Power Water Jets, you would pay $75 X 1 = $75.

Note an equipment charge may apply – this is an hourly rate that is an average – rates will vary depending on where you live and whether your call for service is made during the day or night.

If you have a blocked drain, give us a call, we’d love to have a look at it – to get in touch please call us on 96224888

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