During springtime, drains start to get clogged—especially if you live in the Sydney region.

One of the biggest reasons (among others) for drains getting blocked in Sydney properties is tree roots growing into the pipes and vital parts of the drainage system, blocking the flow of water or collecting excess debris in the process.

Tips How to Avoid Getting Blocked Drains In Spring

Tips How to Avoid Getting Blocked Drains In Spring

But, while excess debris and faster-growing tree roots do block drains in spring, the good news is there are things you can do to avoid these irritating and sometimes costly issues. And, as Sydney’s plumbing experts, we’re going to show you how.

Let’s get started.

Try a drain strainer

One of the most common reasons for drain blockage during spring is the little particles and bits of debris that flow into the pipes or system and build up over time.

To avoid such a slow-burning calamity, investing in internal as well as external drain strainers will make a wise move. Drain strainers basically act as a sieve, making sure that the little bits of debris are caught, preventing them from reaching the drainage system.

Drain strainers are easy to find online and make a cheap as well as a simple solution for preventing blocked drains.

Clean your gutters regularly

This may sound obvious but you’d be amazed at just how many Sydney home and business owners overlook this simple yet effective concept: clean out your gutters regularly.

Doing so will ensure that leaves, moss, or other unwanted entities don’t block up your external pipes and clog up your drains. Here are some tips to help you do so effectively:

Use a safe, secure ladder and have someone foot it for you.

  • Rake or remove leaves and debris from the rooftop before tackling your guttering.
  • Wear gloves and suitable protective eyewear.
  • Use a handheld gutter scooping tool to remove all excess debris and place it into a bag.
  • Clean your guttering thoroughly with soap and water to finish.

Work from the inside

When spring hits and you’re contenting with the increased threat of tree roots, leaves, and debris, keeping your internal drainage pipes clean will help you avoid major blockages.

To help you keep your internal pipes flowing free and ‘work from the inside’, here are some top tips:

  • Never flush non-toilet paper-based products down the loo.
  • Pour boiling water down the kitchen sink on a weekly basis to loosen any compacted food or grease.
  • Avoid pouring greasy or oily cooking matter directly down the kitchen sink. You can do so by decanting excess cooking oil or grease into a can or jar and disposing of it in the bin at a later date .
  • Inspect your pipes and drains frequently—doing so will help you spot and of course, solve any potential drain blockage issues.

Blocked drains can be a problem, especially in spring. But, with a little care and some simple maintenance, you can avoid any stressful blockage-based situations.

If you do find yourself in hot water and come across a drainage issue, we will help fix it safely, swiftly, and with complete professionalism from start to finish. No issue is too big or small—our fully-insured, expert plumbers can do it all—and with a lifetime guarantee as well as same-day service, you are in excellent hands.

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