Plumbing Tips For Pet Owners In Sydney

Pets and plumbing are two topics that have more to do with one another than you might think. To ensure your pets do not have a negative effect on your plumbing and vice versa, check out these pet owner plumbing tips.


1. Protect Your Drains During Bath Time

You should always use a stopper or strainer when giving your pet a bath to block animal hair from getting down the drain. Since pets such as dogs and cats have so much more hair than humans, and also shed hair a lot, the likelihood that your drains will get clogged is significantly increased when bathing your pets in a tub or sink.

2. Install Pressure Balancing Valves For Faucets And Shower Heads

Pressure balance valves are used to get the right water temperature so the water is neither too hot nor very cold in your shower. You can avoid the risk of scalding your pets during bath time by installing these valves.

3. Keep The Toilet Lid Closed

Do your pets love to drink out of the toilet bowl? If so, then make a habit of keeping the toilet lid closed when not in use because the residue left from the chemicals and cleaners used in your toilet can be very harmful to your pets if ingested.

4. Do Not Flush The Cat Litter Down The Toilet

You should refrain from flushing anything besides bodily waste and toilet paper to avoid a clogged toilet. A kitty litter or any other similar item is likely to clog your toilet.

5. Pet-proof Your Home

· Cover any floor drains or heating valves if you have small, caged animals.
· Keep all drugs, human food, chemicals and any other potentially dangerous items out of your pet’s reach.
· Make sure your power cords are covered to prevent damage to electronic devices, especially if you have animals that like to chew on things. Give your pet enough chew toys so they do not chew on pipes and cords.

6. Do Not Let Your Dog Dig Too Deep In The Yard

Water and sewer lines are sometimes just 18 inches under your lawn so try to keep your dog from digging deep enough to potentially put a hole through a water or sewer line.

You know whom to call if these pet owner plumbing tips do not prevent plumbing problems, no matter how big or small! Our certified technicians at Emergency Plumbers are able to provide you with same day service, any time of the year. Call us now to book a professional plumber at 96224888.

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