Plumbing Leaks Is A Home To Household Pests!

Plumbing leaks are a common household problem that causes water leaks and creates a mess and increases your monthly water bill. There is another problem associated with plumbing leaks that are often not linked to it immediately and that is pests! Just like we, humans need water to survive, other living organisms such as insects need water to breed and grown in as well. Even a few water drops are enough to attract an insect. However, a leak produces a steady supply of water and it can create an ideal habitat for all of the household pests that can stick to your house all year round, even after you fix your leak.

Plumbing Leaks

Prevent Plumbing Leaks:

Whenever you notice mosquitoes, cockroaches or any other unwanted beings trying to take over your house, put on the Sherlock-hat and do some investigation to see if Plumbing Leaks are the cause of it.

See if there are any bugs or rodents near any source of water in your house. Look for any moisture inside cabinets under the sink and in your garbage disposal. Dispose of the water in the water tray under your fridge regularly to avoid pests being attracted to it. A leak size as tiny as a pinhole can attract an entire colony of insects to breed in. Keep a regular check on the water lines of your dishwasher, washing machine and other appliances that are connected to the water line.

Call a Plumber in Sydney immediately when you spot a leak. Repair it with a delay even if you have already taken care of the pests’ problem by setting up traps or poisoning them with a spray. Kill the root cause of the pests!

Seal Up Everything In The House Well:

Pests can also get inside your home if the seals around your pipe coming through your walls are not well secured. Seal even the tiniest of the gap between the wall and your pipes to avoid pests entering your home. Use metal plates, rubber gaskets, foam insulation, or some other barrier to filling out the gap between the wall and the pipe in your home. Make sure you have fixed any plumbing leaks or any other Plumbing Repairs before sealing the gaps.


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