How To Deal With Leaky Taps?

Leaky Taps? Quick and Easy Solutions

Leaky taps are frustrating. It’s a waste of water, which is bad news for your bills and the environment. There are a few things you can try before calling a plumber. Make sure you have a few basic tools as well as washers before trying to fix it yourself. To get your tap fixed instantly in Sydney, get in touch with Emergency Plumbers. We are the best in the business and will have your plumbing repairs done in no time. As for trying to fix leaky taps yourself, here’s what you should do.

Leaky Taps

Turn Off The Main Water Supply

 Before you start repairing your tap it is crucial that the water supply is turned off. Your mains are generally at the front of your house and you should be able to easily locate them. Once they are turned off you should release any pressure by turning on a tap to get rid of any residual water in the plumbing. Before you take anything apart, turn on the tap you are fixing to ensure that there won’t be any spillages. It’s best to put down towels, just in case. You could also pop the plug in the sink or bath so that you don’t lose any pieces down the drain.

Finding The Cause Of The Problem

 If your tap is leaking, there are three parts that may need replacing, these include the o-ring, the valve and the washer. Once you’ve turned your water off and taken the tap apart, you should replace all three to fix the problem and prevent having to take it all apart again in the near future.

The washer wears over time and can often be the culprit of a leaky tap. There are different types of washers, so you will need to determine which one you need before heading to the hardware store. Or, you can take it with you so they can help you find the right one. You may find a tap repair kit as it’s a common plumbing problem.

Putting It All Back Together

 One of the joys of taking it all apart is putting it back together again. You could take photos along the way so you remember which bits go where. Once you’ve got it all back together and everything is tight you should ensure the tap is in the off position. Turn the water supply back on then turn the affected tap back on. Hopefully, there will be no leaks but if it’s still there it could mean your tap needs reseating. This is a more complex job and you may need to get a licensed plumber to fix it up for you.

If you’ve got a leaky tap it’s best to get it fixed straightaway to avoid wasting water. You can try and fix it yourself but if you’re still experiencing problems then you need to get a reliable plumber to do the job. For a reputable, licensed plumber contact Afterhours Plumbers in Sydney.

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