How Much Does It Cost to Clear a Blocked Drain in Sydney?

Clearing a blocked drain is probably the most common of all plumbing requests. There are all manner of items that can cause a drain to become stuck.

More common culprits would include kitchen sinks, toilets, and shower drains. This is typically because things that often go down these drains are meant for the trash. These drains also see a lot of water volume.

But whatever the core issue may be, the end result is that you will have to call a professional plumbing service to clear it. The following are the typical costs of clearing a blocked drain in Sydney so you don’t get hit with a nasty charge for a simple fix.

Drain in Sydney
How Much Does It Cost to Clear a Blocked Drain in Sydney

Clearing a Blocked Drain in Sydney – Average Prices

The following table gives average prices for drain cleaning/replacement in Sydney. It is averaged by the type of drain blockage. Keep in mind that the price will depend on many factors – the type of drain blockage, the method of unblocked, callout fees, whether replacements are necessary, etc. Many plumbers also offer $0 callout fees for blocked drains as well as free drain camera inspections. But the price for the actual drain clearing is typically increased to offset this.

Blocked Drain TypeCost Range
Callout Fee$0 – $100
Overnight Emergency Callout$150 – $250
Drain Camera Inspection$0 – $150
Simple Drain Unblock (Kitchen, Bathroom)$100 – $150
Complex Drain Unblock$250 – $400
Replace Portion of Pipe System$1,800 – $3,000
Replace Entire Drainage System$5,000 – $20,000

Factors Affecting Blocked Drain Clearing Cost

So, what factors affect drain unblocking? In certain instances, specialised equipment will be needed to ascertain the problem and this will add to the cost. The following factors affect drain clearing cost:

  • Drain Camera Inspection – Some plumbing businesses offer free drain camera inspections with a clearing, others charge separately.
  • Callout Fees – You will nearly always incur a callout charge. This will increase for emergency callouts late at night.
  • Size Of Blockage – You might have an extensive blockage that takes longer to clear, or blockages in separate areas.
  • Hourly Rates – It is far more common nowadays to get flat rate callout fees for drain blockage. But if you are paying hourly rates, the average is between $90 and $130 per hour in Sydney, which tends to be more expensive than other urban centres.
  • Mode Of Resolution – Typically this is now done with hydro jetting instead of electric eels. But if you need a replacement pipe or a replacement for your entire drainage system, the cost will increase quite a lot.

The Process of Blocked Drain Removal

Drains can be unblocked with hydro jets. This is essentially high pressure water that even has the power to remove tree roots, as well as grease buildup and scale. The hydro jet has a water storage tank and different nozzles for specialised tasks. It basically blasts water into drains at a force between 1500 – 5000 PSI, depending on the task.

Be sure to ask your plumber what they use to unblock the drain in Sydney. In traditional times, ‘electric eels’ or ‘snakers’ were used, but these had a tendency to harm the pipes themselves. An added benefit of hydro jetting is that the rotating water will scour the inside of the pipes all the way through, leaving them in optimal condition. Hydro jetting is nearly always used prior to pipe relining.

Clearing a Blocked Drain in Sydney – The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you can expect to pay between $90 – $200 to clear a simple blocked drain in Sydney. The cost depends on the callout fee and the time. If you are being charged more than $200 to clear a simple blocked drain in Sydney without any additional costs, perhaps you should look towards other plumbing services in Sydney.

Sydney Emergency Plumbers offers specialized drain clearing plumbers with a 24/7 emergency service. We can unclog your drain in minutes at very reasonable rates. The best thing is that you know upfront how much you will be paying before we set foot in the door. Because we know that transparency and honesty are key to successful interaction.

Call us now on 962 24 888 for a free upfront quote on removal of blocked drain in Sydney.

Can I unblock the drain myself?

Technically, you are not allowed to do this. In New South Wales, you need to get either a drainer or licenced plumber to unclog drains. Of course, for a minor block of your kitchen sink, feel free to pour down a solution to see if it does the trick. It is best to do as much as you can in your home, but to call in speciality services when necessary.

How long does it take to unblock a drain?

Once everything is set up, the drain can be unblocked in as little as 5 – 15 minutes. With the hydro jet process, the water will quickly blast through any debris, leaving your drains as good as new (nearly). You will also have to allow for a drain camera inspection, which can take around a couple of hours for a standard-sized house.

What are the common causes of blocked drains?

Blocked drain in Sydney are usually caused by incorrect items flushed down a toilet, but there are many causes. These include:

  1. Grease/Oil Buildup – Kitchen drains often clog due to fats and organic debris buildup.
  2. Hygiene Products Blockage – Nappies, certain sanitary wipes, rubber materials, plastics, etc, are not meant to go into the toilet.
  3. Unprofessional Installation – If the pipes are not correctly installed, it can easily leak to blockages.
  4. Tree Roots – Pipes that run outside the home will not be able to deflect a downward growing tree root from piercing it. Debris can then accumulate around the root.

How do I find the right company to unblock my drain in Sydney?

There are a few preliminary questions you need to ask:

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. Are you licenced and insured?
  3. Do you charge upfront fixed fees or hourly?
  4. Do you offer a same-day service?

Emergency Plumbers Sydney have been in business for 30 years, are licenced and insured, charge upfront fixed fees, and offer a same-day service.

Call us now on 962 24 888 for rapid drain clearing services from Sydney specialists.

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