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You Can Trust Emergency Plumbers to look after you.

Plumbing & Hot Water System breakdowns and repairs

If your hot water system breaks down or needs repair, we’ll look after you, regardless of brand or model.

Simply call and we’ll arrange for a qualified and accredited Hot Water System Plumber to come to your home same day if you call before 12 Noon Monday Through Saturday.

Looking for advice or professional service of any brand or model of a hot water system? Contact us and we’ll organise a qualified Hot Water System Plumber to come to your property at a convenient time.

Energy-efficient systems and Water Audits

The best hot water system for you depends on how you currently heat your water, the number of people in your household and your budget.

Our hot water specialists can assess your needs over the phone and help you find the right solution for your home.

Call our trusted technicians for a service call when it suits you.

Solar Hot Water

Hot water can be one of your biggest power bill costs, so it’s no surprise more people are looking to harness the sun’s energy, save some money and help the environment.

Want to get a solar hot water installation? Contact us on 1300 237 246 and we’ll help you choose the best system for your home. We can also arrange installation, explain the government rebates on offer and have all the paperwork ready for you on installation day.

Why Choose Emergency Plumbers Quantum Hot Water?

  • Highest hot water recovery rate in the heat pump market. This means that your customers won’t run out of hot water.
  • Excellent for use in poor water conditions.
  • NO BOOSTER ELEMENTS – don’t need them! Quantum heat pumps can operate in ambient temperatures from a low of -10ºc!
  • Over 30 years of ongoing product development means that Quantum continuously improves the energy efficiency of the heat pumps while at the same time reducing component, manufacturing and installation costs.
  • Easy Installations – No Solar Roof Panels
  • Cuts up to 75% of running costs compared to Electric & LPG Gas units.

Daily running cost comparison

Usage based on an average family of 5 people in Australia using 50 litres per person per day, paying 20 cents per kilowatt hour for power and 6 cents per mega joule for LPG. Historical climate data, supplied by the Bureau of Meteorology, has been used to calculate average performance throughout a 12 month period. Units compared; Quantum 270 litre Heat Pump, 135 litre Gas storage hotwater system, 250L electric storage with 3.6kW element and a 300 litre rooftop solar with 2 collection panels and 3.6kW back up element with average solar optimization. For all types of Plumbing in Sydney call us at 1300 237 246

Comparison of hot water performance
Heater TypeQuantumSolarElectricGas
Energy Us age / Year (kWh)1,6642,0486,2968,227
Running Cost / Year$349$393$1,209$456
CO2 Produced / Year (TONS)
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