Emergency Plumbing Tips Your Home for Christmas

Prepare Your Home for Christmas with Emergency Plumbing Tips

It’s the season to spend time with family, stuff yourself on your favourite foods, and enjoy your new pressies. But is your plumbing prepared for the Christmas period?

If you’ve got extra guests at your place then your plumbing will be handling more water than it’s used to, your pipes will be under extra pressure, and oily foods can find their way into drains to cause blockages. Plumbers are typically called in after Christmas to fix the damage of clogged kitchen sinks, overworked hot water systems, and damaged drains. But by then, the damage is already done.

To avoid a nasty surprise, use the following 7 emergency plumbing tips to prepare your home for Christmas.

Emergency Plumbing Tips to Prepare Your Home for Christmas
Emergency Plumbing Tips to Prepare Your Home for Christmas

#1 – Fill up your gas bottles

If you’ve got a gas BBQ you should check on your gas bottles and ensure you have spares before the Christmas rush starts. You don’t want to be caught out with no gas when there’s a hungry table of relatives waiting for Christmas lunch.

If you’ve got a gas system in your home, consider connecting the BBQ to your domestic gas supply to take one thing off your to-do list on Christmas day. This will ensure no one misses out on their surf n’ turf and you don’t need to stress about finding a spare gas bottle when you’re rather relaxing.

Emergency Plumbing Tips: With more bodies in your home it’s easy to get distracted. Organise a gas inspection prior to Christmas to make sure your gas system is safe and leak-free.

#2 – Check your pipes for blockages

Take 5 minutes to check your pipes for any bad smells. You won’t be able to see what’s happening below the surface, but unpleasant odours can be a sign of blocked drains and organic build up. Slow draining pipes are also a red flag that you could be facing blockages. An often overlooked plumbing tip is to check for signs of water leaks in ceilings, walls, or floors, which can indicate hidden pipe damage.

If you notice a blockage or smell, it’s best to organise a quick service with your local Sydney plumber. With your pipes cleared you can rest easy knowing your plumbing can handle the extra showers and water usage, while you enjoy a well-earned food coma. Another important plumbing tip is to insulate your pipes during winter to prevent them from freezing and bursting.

#3 – Keep leftovers in the bin (not the drain)

Christmas means great food with great people, but that can put extra pressure on your pipes if food ends up going down the drain.

It’s tempting to scrape a leftover plate of food in the sink and wash everything down the drain. But when foods have high amounts of fat, grease or oil, this can cause blockages which require expensive repairs. Your mouth-watering roast chook tastes great, but the heavy fats and oils left on your plate can quickly ruin your pipes. Other foods that pose a serious risk to your pipes include:.

  • Meat
  • Starch
  • Fruit
  • Flour

As a simple solution, consider using a kitchen strainer. Once you finish rinsing off your plates it’s a matter of throwing the collected food waste in the bin or compost heap.

#4 – Take pressure off your hot water system

Christmas means spending time with family, coming home from the beach covered in sand, and getting dirty in the yard with a game of backyard cricket. That also means more dirty bodies needing more showers.

If your household numbers have increased over Christmas, try staggering showers with at least 10-15 minutes between each shower to give your hot water system time to refill. This will also give your drains a chance to properly clear and avoid any nasty backflow or drainage issues. It’s a good plumbing tip to install a water softener to prevent mineral buildup in pipes and appliances.

Your hot water will also be helping to wash the dishes and run the washing machine, both of which will be used more as you host family and friends. Running dishes and clothes at night can help to take pressure off your hot water system while everyone sleeps. As a bonus, the sound of a running washing machine will help cover Santa’s footsteps if you’re lucky enough to receive a visit from the jolly man in red too!

#5 – Inspect the toilet

Your toilet is going to need to be in tip-top condition across the Christmas period. Nothing will ruin a festive celebration like a malfunctioning toilet, so set aside time to run through a simple toilet checklist.

This should include:

  • Inspecting the handle
  • Inspecting the lift arm and chain
  • Inspecting the flapper
  • Checking for any leak between the tank and the bowl

If your toilet is in optimal condition, consider reminding guests what should and should not be flushed down the toilet.  That means no flushing feminine products, baby wipes, or paper tissues. Or, if your toilet is running, organise a leaking toilet service to arrange a speedy fix.

#6 – Organise a hot water inspection

How’s the temperature in your shower? Christmas means extra bodies in your home – and that means extra pressure on your hot water system.

Organising a routine service prior to Christmas can catch any small problems before they become bigger. You may have a small blockage or sediment build up that goes unnoticed in your everyday life, but when your hot water system is asked to provide water for extra showers and dishwasher cycles you may end up with a hot water system that breaks down.

More than a frustration while you’re trying to cook a Christmas chook, a busted hot water system can be an expensive fix that adds financial pressure on the holiday period. Skip the emergency bill and organise a hot water inspection today to enjoy Christmas with a long, hot shower and priceless peace of mind.

#7 – Keep an emergency plumber’s contacts on hand

It’s better to be safe than sorry.

By following the simple tips outlined in the article you can minimise your risk of a plumbing emergency, but sometimes the worst does happen. Whether it’s a burst pipe, a hot water system failure, or a toilet that’s leaking on the floor, having an emergency plumber’s contact on file can help you avoid a major problem. A helpful plumbing tip is to know the location of your main water shut-off valve in case of emergencies like leaks or burst pipes.

Prioritise plumbers who offer 24/7 service so you’re not left waiting, and if there’s no same-day service available you should look for someone who’s willing to make time to solve your plumbing problem. Lastly, following the manufacturer’s instructions for proper maintenance of plumbing fixtures and appliances is a crucial plumbing tip to ensure their longevity and optimal performance.

At Emergency Plumbers we don’t want to see you over Christmas (no offense) but if the worst does happen we offer a 24/7 service with lifetime guarantees on labour so if you need to fix a plumbing problem call Emergency Plumbers Sydney or fill out a form for a FAST, FREE quote today.

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