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Troublesome Tasks That Emergency Plumbers Can Tackle With Ease

At Emergency Plumbers Liverpool, we separate ourselves from the average tradesmen by the speed and efficiency with which we tackle even the most difficult plumbing issues. Of the multitude of jobs plumbers deal with on a daily basis, perhaps the two most troublesome and tiresome work assignments are the seemingly inaccessible burst pipe and the almost undetectable gas leak. The following is a run-down of the method and techniques involved in solving the challenges of this duo of frustrating and formidable obstructions that can disrupt your peace of mind:

1. Hard to Detect Burst Pipes

The underground burst pipe is a problem that causes homeowners to wonder why they didn’t invest in an apartment instead of a house in Liverpool, with a backyard and a porch. A burst pipe situated beneath a healthy lawn will turn the area into a sodden mess within a short space of time, and depending on the structure of the premises, gushing water can leak into basements and garages causing more damage than you’d ever expect.

The first step in dealing with this crisis of the cracked pipe is to turn off the water mains, and if this doesn’t stop the initial flow of water, either because the tap is broken or rusted shut, an emergency call to a 24-hour plumber, such as some of those that work in Liverpool, is an immediate necessity.

Once the main is turned off, the plumber can begin locating the damaged pipe. Once the damage is determined, the next step would be to determine the most efficient and cost-effective way to fix the problem.

Emergency Plumbers Liverpool always keep abreast of the latest technology available to the pipe and water tradesmen, and when it comes to detecting that underground burst pipe, we will use either an acoustic leak detection kit, or the slightly less used radar technology.

Acoustic leak detection will require the plumber to don a pair of earphones and move an ultra-sensitive microphone detector over the suspected area. The plumber is listening for a “whooshing” sound and where it is strongest, that is the place to be dug.
Radar detection uses sonar or sound waves to locate an area that is denser than surrounding areas, and this is where the damaged pipe will be situated.
Once the offending pipe is found, the plumber will cut out the broken section and replace it with a new section from his supply of pipes. Depending on whether the pipe is PVC or metal, the plumber will use an appropriate method to replace and seal the pipe. In the former, heavy ducting tape will suffice, and in the latter, an oxy-torch to weld the metal together will be used.

It is worth noting that when we fix a problem, we fix it keeping your future in mind. So, all our solutions are long-term fixes that will ensure that the problem does not reoccur, forcing you to waste more time and money on getting it fixed again. Our aim is to provide a one-time solution that lasts.

2. Fixing the Hard-to-Find Gas Leak

There is one other domestic problem that will require the services of an expert plumber – the gas leak. To determine if there is a gas leak in the house, look for signs such as dead plants, a rotten-egg smell, or a hissing noise. If the leak is small, there may be none of these signs but you may experience feelings of nausea or tiredness due to gas poisoning. If you even suspect you might have a gas leak, it is important to call a qualified professional plumber immediately. Gas leaks can be dangerous and explosions can be set-off by sparks from lighters, flames or electrical appliances. Emergency Plumbers Liverpool are experts at dealing with gas leaks, having extensive experience handling this particular problem.

In detecting the location of the gas leak, the plumber will firstly turn off the power mains. As stated earlier, electrical appliances can set off an explosion. In the suspected area of the house, the plumber will use a brush to apply a coating of liquid detergent mixed with water on all the gas pipes and fittings. The presence of bubbles in an area where the liquid detergent has been applied can be concluded as the source of the leak.

The next step requires the plumber to turn off the gas line and repair the pipe. The process involves disconnecting the fitting, sanding the rims to remove residue that creates an opening for the leaking gas, reconnecting the fitting and sealing the section with appropriate duct tape and epoxy resin. The plumber will then test the gas line by turning on the gas again and checking for bubbles.

Problems Solved by Emergency Plumbers Liverpool

At Emergency Plumbers Liverpool, we are a professional, persistent lot, with the skills and expertise, backed by lengthy experience to offer comprehensive plumbing services and solutions. If you encounter a domestic plumbing or heating problem, especially a household crisis, call us at 1300 237 246.

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