Emergency Plumbers Job Requests Sydney Wide

  • Possible gas leak from kitchen stove, my tenants say they can smell gas. Please let me know what you would charge to inspect and fix if needed. Thanks. Green Valley, NSW
  • I was wondering what you do with your off cuts of new pipes. The children at school are looking at sustainability and using materials that would be thrown away and creating another use for them. We are looking at creating bird feeder’s with plumbing pipes and was wondering what you do with your off cuts. Thanks. Blacktown, Sydney
  • I would like to remove my existing tank Hot Water System and replace with instant hot water system on relocated zone. Thanks. Sydney, NSW
  • Just want to know about charges if i want a gas plumber to fit a pipe line at home.
  • I currently have a gas hot water system that has blown which is located in an internal laundry, the current system is a gas heating storage tank similar to a 50l electric but with a flame below the is no single circuit to the location as the existing doe not require power, we would be looking to reinstall a Hot Water System internally gas and flue externally to save moving existing plumbing services, there is a 240v GPO located near by to plug into, what would be the cost.
  • just want to know about charges if i want a gas plumber to fit a pipe line at home.
  • I need an old shower head replaced with a handheld with a rail. I’ll be supplying the new shower head. Shower Head rwplacementJust wondering how much installation would be?
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