Do You Need A UV System?

You may have heard the term “UV System” in the context of cleaning water. In this article, we go in-depth about what it is. You can also determine if you need one once you know what it does.

UV System

What Is A UV System?

The water that comes through your pipes is not completely pure. You may have seen, or used, water filter jugs. It is used to clean drinking water. UV system is a bigger version of water filtration and purification. An ultraviolet (UV) strip is installed in the pipe so it can clear out any dirt or any kind of microorganisms that may be present in your water.

What Is The Importance Of Ultraviolet Light?

UV light can help disinfect the water you drink. It can filter out bad or dirty particles in your water. And the best part about UV light is that it will not change the water’s pH balance, taste, colour or smell. The necessary systems will be installed at the point of usage.

For example, if you drink water from your kitchen tap, the system will be installed in the piping that is found below the kitchen sink. In a different scenario, if you require pure water at several different areas in your home, instead of one specific area, the system will be fitted very close to the water storage tank. Apart from the UV light strip, another component required is a 5-micron sediment filter that goes upstream of the UV filter. This will ensure the removal of any larger particles that could potentially block the UV light, affecting its efficiency.

The last stage is requiring chlorine to be pumped through the water system. This will clean any bacteria that are already in the system and will start up the UV light.

Why Do You Need A UV System?

Water is not just limited to drinking. Water is also used for other things, like cooking or cleaning. It is a basic necessity in our lives. So, it goes without saying that the water you use daily should be as clean as possible. One way you can check to see if you need a UV system is by getting a home water analysis kit. This will let you know about the contamination present in your water, which in turn will give you an idea of whether or not you require a UV System.

Maintaining A UV System

Once your UV System has been installed, it will start working and does not require any assistance. It is recommended to leave the lights on so as to lessen the chances of bacteria that can breed in your water. The good news is that they use very little electricity. The lamps in the system have an average lifespan of a year – from the time they are fitted. After some time, there will be some water deposits present on the light sleeve. In such instances, just remove it and clean with a cloth. Cleaning is usually required every few months.

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