A top tip from tradies: Inspect your gas connections once every year. It keeps your family and you safe. A gas pipe with a leak in it can be dangerous. A single match is all it takes to bring down your home and your dreams with it. Emergency Plumbers Sydney is a licensed plumber. 27 years experience make us an authority when it comes to installing Gas Cooktops and checking your Gas Pipes for Leaks.

With 25,000 satisfied residential and commercial clients behind us, and After Hours Plumbing Service, we check your pipes thoroughly for damage. Plus, we arrange purchase and installation of New Gas Ovens our clients may have decided to install. Also, we take care of you in case of Emergency Gas Leaking.

Cooking With Gas Makes Food Taste Different

Natural Gas is cleaner than coal which is what your electricity is generated by. This is why food cooked using gas always tastes better. Gas allows you to control the temperature at which you cook your food better too. Food is cooked more evenly. This makes your meals healthier and more nutritious.

Master Chefs Prefer Gas – This Is Why

  • Heat immediately – gas cooktops are ready to go as they heat immediately. Electric cooktops take time to heat. If you have young kids you need to dress and get ready for school – your electric cooktop could delay them for class.
  • Easier to control – in a survey of professional chefs conducted by the Daily Meal Website, 72% of chefs surveyed said that “greater control over temperature” was the key reason they preferred gas.
  • Allows one to use a variety of different cookware options – because gas flames spread evenly across a pan’s surface, you can use both wide and narrow bottomed cookware.
  • Easy to clean – gas cooktops come with easily removable burners. They can be cleaned within 5 minutes with a wet cloth. Since most are powder coated, stains come off easily.
  • Cheap to repair should something go wrong – gas has been heating Australian homes for as long as Richie Benaud was with Channel 9.

Since Plumbers in Sydney are familiar with gas cooktops, repairing them is a breeze. Repairs are inexpensive compared to electrical cooktops. Only ever use a licensed plumber in Sydney when installing a Gas Cooktop or checking your Gas Pipes for leaks. Gas is dangerous when you don’t know how to handle it properly. Using a licensed plumber is important because of what it guarantees. Your safety.