Water heaters are quite durable hot water systems. But just like everything else, they can also develop some problems over time. The best solution to avoid an emergency hot water accident with your heater is to schedule preventive maintenance services on a regular basis. This will ensure the gas installation, plumbing and the water heater itself are in good shape.

Emergency Hot Water Malfunction – Signs To Look Out For

It is important that you keep an eye out for the following signs that tell you that your water heater is malfunctioning:


Leaks can be difficult to identify in a water heater without seeing the leak happening. Even the smallest of leak can cause big damage over a period of time, if left unfixed. So, give an emergency hot water plumber in Sydney a call for any repairs if you notice or suspect there’s a leak.

Sediment Build-up

Sediment build-up is a common problem in water heaters, especially when dealing with hard water. The sediment build-up usually occurs at the bottom of the water heater tank and keeps increasing over time. This can result in reduced efficiency of the water heater. Hire the professional services of a plumber to clean out your water heater tank on a regular basis to avoid the accumulation of sediment.

Cracked Dip Tube

The dip tube is usually made of PVC and is responsible for transporting new water from the water line to the bottom of the tank. PVC dip tube is more prone to cracking as compared to other parts of the system. This can result in cold water leaking into the warm water, causing sudden temperature shifts in the water from the faucet. Call an emergency plumber to get the dip tube replaced to take care of this issue.

Failure To Start

Some water heaters are operated by natural gas, which means they need ignition devices. So, if your water heater is not starting as it is supposed to, then the ignition system might be faulty. Get your water heater a professional check from an emergency gas installation plumber in Sydney to check if the ignition system is working as it should or not.

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Time is vital when it comes to water heater problems. Getting regular services even when there is not an actual water heater problem can end up saving you thousands of dollars in emergency repairs. Emergency Plumbers provide repair services for emergency hot water tanks and gas installation in Sydney. If you have a problem with your hot water tank, then our expert team can help. Contact us today at 96224888 for an appointment.