Delta is a company that manufactures and markets faucets. They have been in the business for over 100 years, and are one of the most trusted brands in America. Delta sells both residential and commercial products, from faucet handles to shower heads. One of their products is the Delta Shower Faucet. Although Delta is known to make high-quality products, there are times that they needed to be repaired. So, you might have asked yourself, “How do I fix a Delta shower faucet?”

Delta Shower Faucet

A Delta shower faucet is a type of bathroom faucet that is characterized by its single handle and side outlet. Delta shower faucets offer a more streamlined design than the traditional model, which features separate handles for hot and cold water each with an individual spout. The two-handle design can take up much more space on either side of the sink or tub, so many homeowners opt for this alternative instead.

Delta Shower Faucets are available in both pop-up and pull down models to suit your personal needs. Pop-up models require less clearance around the sink or tub because they retract into the wall, while pull down units have a longer neck that extends out from the wall to give you better access when washing.

Dripping Delta Shower Faucet: Common Causes

Recent studies have shown that Delta shower faucet drips are caused by a buildup of lime and mineral deposits from hard water.

This buildup can be as thin as a human hair, which is why you might not notice it, but it’s enough to cause your Delta shower faucet to drip. The only way to fix the problem is by removing the old deposits with vinegar or CLR cleaner and rinsing everything out thoroughly. If this doesn’t work, contact a professional plumber for assistance.

Fixing A Delta Shower Faucet

You’ll need to turn off the water to the shower by shutting off the main valve for the house. Remove the handle on the Delta faucet by unscrewing it counterclockwise. Fill a bucket with soap and water. Screw on a new Delta faucet handle on by screwing it clockwise until tight. Place your hand over the top of the faucet then twist it hard until you feel resistance. Pull the metal clip away from the faucet head, then twist on a new metal clip so that it releases onto both sides of the faucet. Place your hand over the top of first one side of the faucet, hold down on it, then release first one side and then do same for the other one.

Preventing Leak From Happening

If you want to prevent your Delta shower faucet from leaking, there are a few steps that can be taken. When you put in the parts of the faucet, make sure they are inserted all the way down so water doesn’t leak onto your floor. Make sure to install the aerator on the end of the faucet correctly, with the metal threads facing outwards. You should also check to see if your washer is hard or soft, and replace it accordingly.


Delta is a popular and trusted brand of kitchen and bath fixtures. Delta faucets are known for their reliability, durability and ease of use. If you’re in need of a plumber to fix your Delta shower faucet, call us! We offer free estimates with no obligation to purchase anything.