Having a gutter system in your house will help you to prevent water from getting right into your home. If there is a slight problem with the gutter system, you might think about Gutter Leak Repair. But, when the issue gets worse, the next step is choosing between full replacement or repair of the existing gutters. Gutters can be damaged by trees that are falling into them and rotting out from inside. When this happens, do not try repairing it yourself because you can cause more harm than good. There are many other ways gutters can become damaged, and this article will help you to understand why this should be done only by a professional and offer some suggestions on how to deal with a minor leak until a pro comes around. We at Emergency Plumbers have years of experience in this field and come well prepared to fix any of your gutter issues.

How To Find Gutter Leak for Repair

This image shows how to find gutter leak for repair

While big holes in the gutter can be seen easily, there can be smaller leaks that you may not notice until you see wet areas inside the house. Here are some suggestions on how to find out where exactly the hole is:

  • Get high and look down from above – The traditional way of looking at your gutter for leaks is standing below and checking them out. You might miss small holes if they are the same level as yours. So, do yourself a favour by getting up to the second or third stories and inspecting them carefully from above, this will give you a good opportunity to inspect the water flow of the rain gutters.
  • Water testing – If you want almost guaranteed results instead of guessing where the issue might be coming from, hire professionals for a thorough inspection and testing process. They will recommend a full replacement if needed or just a simple repair depending on what they see when inspecting your roof and gutters.
  • Get someone to help you by running your garden hose through an isolated area in your gutter – Begin by isolating sections of your gutters by putting an obstruction between two areas. By identifying the issues in each gutter section, you will have confidence in finding the smallest of holes. This method will allow you to identify each and every one of the tiny holes you may have initially missed. This process can take well over an hour, so be patient and don’t move the hose too soon. 

Steps To Repair A Leak Gutter:

This image shows steps to repair a leak gutter

Step 1: Clean Out Debris 

Edges, especially at the gutter end caps and seams, are susceptible to leaks. Anything such as leaves and other debris that may have gathered around the endcap or seam should be scooped or scraped away first when assessing how to repair a leaking gutter connection.

Step 2: Scrub with Plastic Scouring Pad 

Use a plastic scouring pad to clean around the joint. Then use rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol to wipe down the surface. When you thoroughly clean the gutter you are eliminating other possible issues such as a build-up of scale and debris.

Step 3: Apply Sealant 

Inside the gutter at the endcap join or along a seam, use a waterproof sealant or roofing cement to seal the area off. These gutter sealants or types of cement are completely waterproof and weatherproof in nature. It can be used on wet or damp surfaces, is rain-ready right away, and remains flexible enough to endure temperature changes without cracking.

Step 4: Check for any leaks behind the gutter 

If there is a gap between the gutter and fascia, water may flow behind the gutter and cause damage to the fascia. Examine any gaps that are either large or tiny. If you discover any, use a bead of sealant or roofing cement to seal them off.

Step 5: Check for any leaks from a sagging gutter 

A sagging gutter can result in water not draining properly. To repair it, push the gutter back into position. Secure the gutter by installing gutter hanger brackets at least every 2 feet. To use, drill holes for the brackets, going through the gutter apron if it extends down into the gutter, and into the fascia. Place each bracket under the front lip of the gutter and attach. Make sure you purchase brackets with the screws built-in. They cost more but are easier to install. Remember to fill any old screw holes with sealant to finish the job.

Leaving Your Leaky Gutter Will Lead To Further Damages

Water damage on your property can lead to disastrous issues later on down the track. Leaking gutters have the potential to wreak havoc on the foundations of your house as well as the roof of your home. Leaving them untreated for too long can lead to the following issues:

  • Roof damage – Water flowing down your gutters can put pressure on the roof shingles, causing fractures and leaks.
  • Attic concerns – When the water has done its harm to the roof, it will start to damage the attic.
  • Rotten wood – whether in your garden or backyard, leaks will eventually cause wood to decay.
  • Damaged foundation – Large water splashes will fall directly next to your basement, putting pressure on foundation walls and ultimately crumbling them.
  • Damaged basement – large quantities of dripping water has the potential to rot your basement.
  • Gutters can break and detach when they are damaged by cracks and debris.
  • Soil erosion and plant damage in the garden as a result of excessive water.
  • Swollen or severely damaged siding.
  • Ruined deck and patio – Water from the gutter leaks will fall on your deck in large quantities, damaging every wood it can find.

After reading our steps to repair gutter leaks, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed on where to begin. If you are unable to find all the tools required to get the job done, or simply don’t have the time to invest in your gutters; it would be a good idea to call your local plumber. With Emergency Plumbers, you can trust that we will get the job done for affordable prices with high-quality services.

Emergency Plumbers are available at any time of the day or night, to repair your gutters. So, if you ever find yourself experiencing an emergency leak in the gutter don’t hesitate to call us. Our friendly team are always happy to help.