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Standard showerheads pump out water at the rate of 9 litres per minute. Eco-friendly showerheads pump out water at a much slower rate of 5 litres per minute.

Think about it – every minute you shower, you save yourself and your local community 4 litres of water.

It all adds up

Sydney Water charges Sydney residents $2.11 per kilolitre of water. Now, naturally, you use water from multiple taps – not just your bathroom shower.

But let’s say, your water bill is $150 per quarter. And 25% of it is from showers your family takes.

Your Showerhead water usage would be $37.50. By installing a New Shower Head that used 5 litres instead of 4 litres per minute, you would reduce your Shower Costs by roughly $16.50.

Water is precious

Because, it is LIFE. Across New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and the Northern Territories, farmers and civilians, alike, are experiencing drought.

According to The Department of Meteorology , the dry spell for all states is expected to continue from July to the end of September and likely beyond it.

Changing your Showerhead is a step in the right direction

Though the savings in terms of money and water seem small, when individuals stand for change and make it – it all adds up in the end.

The more people who share articles like these, the more neighbours, friends and family you help understand water and the importance of treating it like the precious resource it is – the more you help conserve this resource so its value can be more profitably utilised.

There are easy ways to reduce water consumption

  • You could take fewer showers
  • You could change your ShowerHeads
  • Your partner and you could shower together – not separately
  • You could invite the neighbours over to shower with you – just kidding:)
  • You could change the plants in your garden – cactus are spiky but they require less water
  • You could change dripping taps
  • You could limit your number and length of showers

What all Australian states offer – incentives to switch to water efficiency rebates

These incentives can drop the cost of purchasing and installing water-efficient shower heads.

You can locate incentives that might be pertinent to you at the Federal Government’s Energy Savings Website or simply call us at Emergency Plumbers Sydney and we’d be happy to advise you further.

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