5 Practical Ways To Prevent Plumbing Nightmares

Have you ever walked into your home tired and eager to rest, only to be confronted by some brackish, foul-smelling water leaking through your ceiling? If the scenario is familiar, take heart that you’re not the only plumbing nightmare survivor. Many others have called a 24 hours Emergency Plumbers in Blacktown (Sydney) in need of emergency residential plumbing services.

If you have never been welcomed home by a emergency, then you are lucky. However, to maintain your good fortune, you need to maintain your plumbing. By checking your plumbing, you can catch problems before they become a crisis. Following are some practical maintenance tips to help you avert disasters.

How To Avoid Plumbing Problems?

  1. Check Your Water Pressure

If your house’s water pressure is too high, the pressure can damage your pipes and plumbing. Checking the water pressure can help you avoid leaks and fissures.

Test your house’s water pressure with a gauge and make sure the pressure is not above 80psi. If the pressure is above 80 psi, hire a licensed residential plumbing services to install a water pressure regulator. Once you have the regulator, adjust it to reduce the water pressure to 55-75 psi.

  1. Check Your Toilet

A toilet maintenance check can help discover leaks early enough. Start with the tank at the back of your toilet before proceeding to the flapper. The flapper, the rubber covers that releases water during flushing, can warp out of shape and cause leaking. A simple way to check a faulty flapper: put some drops of dark coloured food colouring into your toilet’s tank and leave it all night. If you find some colour in the toilet’s bowl the following morning, the flapper is faulty and needs replacement.

  1. Re-caulk Your Toilet

Caulking your toilet helps prevent mop water, tub water, or an overflow from getting underneath the toilet and rotting your floors. Apart from preventing the fouling area, caulk also helps to secure your toilet to the floor.

  1. Clean the Tank

Unless you regularly and properly clean the tank, layers of scale, bacteria, mould, mildew and metal stains can accumulate in the tank. If the tank is dirty, it will release dirty water to the toilet bowl, making the bowl difficult to clean and maintain.

  1. Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Scheduling residential plumbing services can help you prevent a disaster. You can ask your Blacktown 24 hour Plumber to check and confirm that everything is in good working condition.

You can prevent plumbing-related flooding, foul smells and potential electric shocks. In case you have a plumbing nightmare, trying DIY can make the problem worse. Let a professional, licensed and duly insured 24 hour Plumber in Blacktown help you prevent a disaster. Work with the best bathroom and toilet plumbing in Sydney.

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