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What Is a Backflow?

Most homes or businesses are equipped with a water supply system with water pressure sufficient to enable water to flow from the shower, tap, garden hose, etc. When the pressure is inadequate or nonexistent, a pipe may be frozen or there may be burst pipes, then there is less water in the pipes and contamination water from the ground, storage or other sources can end up in the system. Somewhat like a reversal of flow of the solid, gas or liquid into the water supply.To prevent Backflow, a Backflow Preventer needs to be installed.

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Devices to Prevent Backflow

The best and easiest way to prevent a Backflow is to provide an air gap, which is an open space between the plumbing system and any device like a faucet or valve, any place where water can pool or collect.

Another solution is to install a Backflow Preventer valve at strategic locations in the system. When there is risk of contamination from fluids to the water system, a Backflow Preventer should be installed.

Backflow Testing & Maintenance Program

It is essential that backflow protection devices be tested as follows:

  • Following installation
  • Yearly
  • Following any maintenance performed on the system
  • After any incident or suspected incident

It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure all backflow prevention devices are tested by an approved certifier each year, after any incident or suspected incident or after any work performed on the system.

After testing, the certifier must attach test tags must to all devise. The tags must have enough space for five future test result recordings.

What should be recorded on the tag:

  • Test date
  • Company name
  • Certified tester name and registered number

All tags must have a longevity of no less than five years with no deterioration.

Backflow Prevention – Supply & Installation
Backflow protection installation methods can be performed in different ways, which include:

  1. Zone protection: device isolates a building or area within the property.
  2. Individual protection: installation of the device at the place where contamination may occur within the property.
  3. Containment protection: installation at the property boundary, placed downstream of the meter assembly serving the property. This includes all boundary fire services.

Individual and zone protection devices will still be required with the installation of a backflow containment prevention device. All water that is downstream of a containment device is not drinking water if backflow hazards remain within the property. In such a case, zone and / or individual devices should be installed for protection from the risk of backflow, as well as to protect water downstream from a containment device.

Installation Conditions:

  • Backflow prevention devices must be installed, commissioned and tested by a licensed plumber
  • If your property has relocated or multiple water services you must install a suitable backflow prevention at the connection point for each service.
  • Each device must be sufficiently supported and no device or component of any fitting must be installed closer than 300 mm from the meter outlet or 5 pipe diameters, whichever is greater.
  • Connections are forbidden between the meter outlet and the containment device.
  • No backflow prevention device can be installed or buried in a chamber or pit and all backflow prevention devices must be accessible for testing and maintenance.

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